Visual Storytelling: Telling Vs. Showing

I got an email this morning that is a great example of a missed opportunity. Commlab India sent me a link to the article Visual Storytelling in Articulate Storyline. Now, I’m a big fan of visuals and storytelling, so I was looking forward to the article. With great expectations, I clicked the link and…


The article simply says to use visual storytelling, and points out some of the elements to use.

Why not actually use the technique you are promoting? Sure, it takes a little bit of work, but it makes the point so much more powerfully, that it’s more than worth it!

Here’s what it could have looked like (click the image to view the presentation):


Now, that’s more like it! All the points from the article presented using the technique promoted!

What do you think? Which presentation works better in your opinion?

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