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A New Series of Graphic Work

I don’t think I’ve done as good a job as I can displaying my graphic design capabilities, so I’ll start with a few items I’ve been tinkering with. More to come!


Better at the Beach

Gimme Coffee-small

Animated Logo

Just thought I’d share the latest little thing I worked on. I was asked to animate a static logo, and here’s what I offered. Here’s hoping they like it!


Supermega: Free, made easy

I’ve been working on a bit of a side project lately; Supermega. You see, there’s a ton of free, public domain and/or CC0 content out on the web these days, and much of it is really high-quality, but to search for it can be a real bear. So I’ve decided to curates some of this, and keep track of what’s available. Mostly this is for my personal use, but since I’m doing it, might as well make it available to everyone, right?

So visit, enjoy and tell your friends about it. Sure, it’s a great fishin’ hole, but the fish are free and plentiful, so you don’t need to keep it secret.

And thanks for spreading the word.

Latest Resume

I think I should make a resume gallery for all the iterations I’ve gone through. In any case, enjoy.Resume - 8.9

New Infographics

A set of infographics I made for a client. They liked them, and I think they’re kind of neat, too.

IOT Healthcare-7.31.16a Smart Cities 7.31.16a IOT Manufacturing 7.31.16a

Animated Narrator Elearning Project

Here’s a piece I ┬ádid for a client recently. I think it came out rather nice, what with the animated characters and all.


Illustration Work

Moth Brain 2 Try To See It My Way 2 Idea